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Ivan Babak was born on September 9, 1976 in the village of Devichki, Kyiv region. He studied in Pereyaslav Khmelnytskyi boarding school and in 1992 finished it. The same year Ivan finished Pereyaslav Khmelnytskyi Art school. Being a schoolboy he represented his works at the contest “Your Talents, Ukraine” and the Festival of Arts “Believe in Yourself” and won the first recognition. He was granted by the Ukrainian fund of culture in the program “New names of Ukraine”.

In 1994 he entered the Pedagogical institute named after G. Scovoroda (speciality “a primary school teacher, a teacher of Arts”). Studying in the institute I. Babak illustrated fiction and scientific works of lecturers. In 1998 his first personal exhibition was organized in Pereyaslav Khmelnytskyi where 5 works of graphic art, 17 paintings (mainly of ecclesiastical direction) were displayed.

After graduating from the institute in 1999 Ivan worked as a teacher of Arts at school and as a designer in the publishing house. He painted landscapes, portraits, still lives for clients. But his mission has always been the Bible themes and icon-painting. Just after finishing school Ivan got senior priest’s blessing to paint icons of Virgin Mary and the Saviour for the iconostasis of Saint Trinity church in Pereyaslav Khmelnytskyi and to restore its entrance door. Since 2000 I. Babak has been dealing with monumental painting, a church interior in particular.

Mural painting of the artist:

2000 – painting of Exaltation of the Cross church in his native village.

2001–side naves painting in the church of Nevirkov village, Rivne region.

2002 – painting of St. Dimitry Rostovskyi chapel in Polonki village, Chernihiv region.

2003 –painting of St. Paraskeva church, Malatyn village, Rivne region.

2008 –painting of St. Illia church, Chernobyl

2011 – painting of The Blessed Virgin's Presentation church (except the dome and the entrance), Kovel

2012 – painting of Archangel Michael church in Polonki village, Chernihiv region.

2012 – painting of St. Pantaleon church, Kyiv, started.

2012 –painting of St. Demetrius of Thessaloniki church, Kruty village, Chernihiv region.

The artist has painted 10 iconostasises, a lot of icons for clients both in our country and abroad.

In 2008 he was awarded the order of Nestor the Chronicler for painting a church in Chernobyl and for his icon “Apparition of Virgin Mary before the Chernobyl disaster”.

The artist’s paintings are full of love, humility, veneration and spiritual warmth. In his work he adheres to the Orthodox Church canons, follows priests’ advice. The painter tries to contribute into God serving, to bring love, peace, harmony and God’s grace to the hearts of people.




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